At the moment we only ship to Norway, Denmark and Sweden — but stay tuned.

Regrets and handling of returns

You have the right to cancel your purchase. If you regret your purchase from our webshop, you have to within 14 days of receiving the goods, give notice of cancellation. The package should then be returned within 14 days of receiving them.

– Return form Norway
– Return form Sweden, Denmark and Germany

For the return to be valid, the product must be returned in the same state as received. The returned product must be clean and unused, and in the original packaging without visible signs of damage to the packaging and/or product. Please be careful with packing the item. Use the original packaging as well as the protective transport packaging.

If you use or inspect the item(s) in a way that goes beyond what is required to determine the type, ability and function of the product, and this action leads to the item depreciating in value, we are entitled to subtract an equivalent amount from the purchase price. The product packaging is also a factor in our ability to resell the product. If the packaging is damaged, such as if you stick the return label directly on the product packaging, or if the product packaging is missing when returned, we are entitled to subtract an equivalent amount from the purchase price.

When returning in item, or parts thereof, the customer is responsible for arranging and covering the cost of return. This also include potential insurance of the goods under transport. As customer it is your responsibility to ensure the item is returned in the same state you received it. Northern refunds the respective amount based on the returned amount of the sales price.

Details regarding cancellation of purchases are described in the Cancellation Form. The Cancellation Act is only valid for private purchases.