Ton Side Tables
August 2023

“Like everything we design our goal is to create a product that will stand the test of time while bringing pleasure to its users.”


– Böttcher & Kayser

Challenging what conventional furniture could and should look like, the Ton Side Tables, created by Berlin based studio Böttcher & Kayser, celebrate the everlasting power of nature.

A design duo known for original designs that always have people and planet in mind, Ton Side Tables take their aesthetic references from the smoothed stones found washed up on the shore and the horizon line that floats above it.

Part of a family of two, these elegant and versatile pieces have a base made from a heavy Emperador marble, hence the name, with this dark polished natural stone providing excellent stability for the grooved supporting column and finely brushed aluminium tabletop that sits on top.

With their innate sculptural beauty and high-quality materials, the Ton Side Tables are sure to be enjoyed and appreciated by all who use them.