Spool Rug and Runner
August 2023

“We want our rugs to make a room not only aesthetically pleasing but the people within it feel comfortable when they come home.”

– Studio Terhedebrügge

Designed to make you feel instantly at home, Northern’s Spool Rugs from Berlin-based Studio Terhedebrügge are cosy, comforting and hand crafted.

Comprising of a larger rectangular rug as well as a traditional runner, both pieces take their name from the spool on which every thread is wound, before being skilfully woven by professional Indian artisans.

Rather than using conventional wool, the leading design duo has chosen to create this collection entirely from recycled post-consumer plastic that has been spun into a soft and strong PET yarn.

With their tactile three-dimensional surface, which up close reveals a graphic pattern produced from a range of three complimentary shades, Spool Rugs are practical as well as pretty.

Suitable for use both inside and outdoors, this durable rug and runner are also stain resistant, quick drying and easy to maintain; making them the perfect addition to any space.