Spring 2018

Each of these self-watering planters is comprised of interlocking containers, giving them a stable base and an integrated reservoir. The planters are crafted from terracotta, and the upper containers retain the natural colour. The bases are coloured in green, black and white, highlighting the earth tones of the terracotta containers as they create subtle contrasts. Available in two sizes, the planters can contain a variety of plants and shrubs, or even small trees.

The water reservoir is in the base container. It fills from the side through an opening large enough to be refilled by a waterspout or hose nozzle. The self-watering function is activated when the upper containers absorb the water held in the bases below them. The containers’ unglazed finish draws water from the base and channels it into the soil they hold. The series can create a container garden in an urban setting, or bring potted plants indoors.