Hifive Glass Storage
August 2023

“I want to create products to be used, touched and understood. Furniture pieces that trigger curiosity, are visually interesting and create a good feeling.”


– Rudi Wulff

Featuring the same cool and charismatic qualities as the original Hifive Storage System, Norwegian designer Rudi Wulff has made his sought-after piece, smarter and more flexible than ever.

Providing practical storage without compromising on style, this latest addition now includes a set of finely fluted and tempered sliding glass doors. Tinted with bronze, this intriguing matt and semi-transparent new front allows viewers to get just a hint at what’s inside without giving away too much.

Available in four spacious sizes and three wood finishes, configure the Hifive Glass Storage System to perfectly suit your space and pack your living room, bedroom or hallway personality as well as purpose.