Fab Vase
January 2024

“Through my development of the Fab Vase I want to highlight the ancient Nordic craft of glass making as it’s a skill that has long been endangered.”

– Anne Hirvonen

The winning entry in the Northern Design Award 2022, the Fab Vase by talented Finnish designer Anne Hirvonen combines traditional glass blowing techniques with innovative new ideas.

Held every second year, this prize is Northern’s way of giving something back: a space for upcoming designers around the world to showcase their talents and develop their approach and processes further as part of our creative community.

With its strong visual style, timeless shapes, and elegant proportions our independent jury of leading industry experts, which included Tonje Madsen, Editor-In-Chief at Bo Bedre Magazine, Interior Architect for Sane, Ine Stokka and Lead Designer at Gjensidige, Kristian Trengereid, were unanimous in selecting this original and exciting piece as their worthy winner.

Truly unique in its finish, thanks to the natural patterns that occur within the glass when it is mouthblown into the mould, the Fab Vase comes in two colours. One being transparent while the other, a yellow version, combines three layers of glass with the middle one being coloured making it even more striking.

Also included with every Fab Vase is a removable round metal insert. This simple stainless-steel disc allows up to 42 individual flower stems to be fully supported when place within it, bringing even more drama and definition to your floral displays.