Echo Series
August 2023

“Rather than being led by fleeting trends this timeless series of textiles are made to be loved and lived with every day.”

– Mariken Steen-Forgaard

Created to complement or contrast depending on your style, our Echo Series of blankets and cushions are as soft to the touch as they are striking to look at.

Taking their inspiration from the shifting hues that appear where the sky and the sea meet, Norwegian graphic artist Mariken Steen-Forgaard, has beautifully captured these often-fleeting everyday moments within the texture of these appealing home textiles.

Available in an assortment of primary tones that have been combined with a supporting neutral, the elegant Echo Throw Blanket and charming Echo Cushion are responsibly woven from high quality Merino and New Zealand wool.

Designed with both maximalists and minimalists in mind use either pieces alone or together, on a bed or sofa during the winter months or outdoors on warmer days to make the most of the sunshine.