Blush pendant
Spring 2019

Following its launch last year, the Blush wall lamp became an overnight success. This season, a new pendant lamp version is being introduced. The new product complements the wall lamp with a design that reflects its understated style and colourful character. Together, the two lights form a series that can coordinate with each other to create a single lighting scheme. Available in matt black, white or rust-red, the pendant lamp complements the wall lamps’ colour range, or creates a contrasting tone that sets it apart. It’s Blush’s low-key character that inspired its name, recalling how shy individuals may flush with colour when they receive attention from others. Blush’s understated details form its ‘shy’ side, which is what gives it the potential to be integrated into such a wide range of settings. Yet, Blush is also bold enough to take centre stage, lighting up the room with its colourful character. Whether regarded to be a shy bystander or an eye-catching extrovert, Blush is ready to reveal its personality at the flip of a switch.