Archive Table Lamp
August 2023

“We hope our lamp will
become an object that
the user cherishes and
lives with for a long time.”

   – Studio Sløyd

As leaders in new and original Nordic design Northern are thrilled to share the Archive Table Lamp, their firstcollaboration with fellow Norwegians Studio Sløyd.

Minimal in appearance but with maximum presence, this unique and memorable lighting product began its life as a series of paper models created during Designers’ Saturday, Oslo’s largest and most important national design event. Now thanks to their materials focussed approach, Herman and Mikkel have effortlessly replicated these initial folds and explorative curves in a striking steel.

Available in two sizes, with two colours in each, the Archive Lamp is perfect for a home, an office or a public space, and thanks to its arched shade it softly reflects an adjustable warm light downwards and outwards ensuring it as functional as it is elegant.