The Story of
The Loud Cabinet Series

“For us, good design should represent the here and now just as much as it respects the past.”

Distinctive design duo Färg & Blanche have become one of the most recognised names in the industry. With creative pursuits that span furniture, lighting and homewares through to artistic installations and exhibitions, find out more about their Loud Cabinet Series.

“Partners in life as well as work means that the boundaries between how we live and what we do can sometimes become blurred. Sketches and prototypes are often taken home for further discussion and development, while our young son Rafaël has his own workbench in the studio so he can get creative after school.”

“Collaborations have become an important and exciting part of our work and Northern is such a great team, they always understand what we want to achieve and are thinking behind it. We admire how as a brand they keep Nordic design values alive, while fusing it with a contemporary edge.”

“When they asked us to design the original bar cabinet, we began by looking into their history and were immediately struck by how almost all had mirrors inside. This was to make them feel more opulent and to show off the number of bottles and beautiful glasses you had. We really liked the idea of a mirror but thought how today people would much rather show off their home instead. By using mirror on the outside our bar cabinet quietly sits in the background while at the same time making a statement. Hence the name Loud.”

“The new high cabinet and sideboard follow a similar narrative. Where traditionally pieces such as these are very angular and sharp, the Loud series is more organic looking. The rounded corners allow the sides and front to flow seamlessly into one another, bringing softness to the room they’re in, while the bronze glass shelves hidden inside add a distinctive element of surprise.”

“We are so happy that people from many different generations have been falling in love with these pieces. For us good design should represent the here and now just as much as it respects the past.”