The debut collection
Spring 2018

Northern Lighting announce the launch of Northern, a pioneering new lifestyle brand that takes our Nordic spirit to interiors around the world. Our first collection debuts at the Stockholm Furniture Fair on 6 February 2018, showcasing the beauty of natural materials, classic sensibilities and an edgy approach to contemporary design.

OSLO, Norway. Today, the award-winning design studio formerly known as Northern Lighting officially launch its new lifestyle brand, Northern. Following 12 years of commercial success and media acclaim, Northern Lighting now extend its trademark style to furniture and interior accessories. The new brand was established by Ove Rogne, CEO and co-founder of Northern Lighting, who announced the expansion last autumn. As Rogne leads Northern into the spotlight, Northern Lighting steps off the stage, with all new and existing products to be produced and distributed by the Northern brand in future.

The new brand was developed with creative direction from designers Morten Skjærpe Knarrum and Jonas Norheim, the duo behind the Morten & Jonas design studio. For two years, the designers worked collaboratively with Rogne to establish a new brand characterised by a bold interpretation of classic forms and a determination to innovate with natural materials. The three men established a creative team that includes 16 designers from seven different countries, each briefed to address the demand for understated luxury and the consumer need for multifunctional designs. Together, the Northern team dared to challenge the status quo, resulting in a variety of product types made from a wide range of materials and production techniques.

The debut collection includes statement-making designs, such as the exclusive desk by Yonoh crafted from smoked oak and perforated steel. Multifunctional products, such as the upbeat modular shelving and storage system from Rudi Wulff, and the sleeper sofa by Morten & Jonas, add more flexibility to the interior. Swedish design studio Färg & Blanch stand ready for cocktail hour with their gleaming bar cabinet. Products from designers such as Mario Tsai, Gridy, Cecilia Xinyu Zhang, Kyla McCallum, Vera & Kyte, Elina Ulvio, Stine Aas, Mattias Stenberg, Ann Kristin Einarsen, Johan Lindsten, Johanna Forsberg and Sami Kallio complete the range of the collection.

Northern launch with retail partners in Sweden, Norway, France, Finland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The full product range is available to all retailers in these countries and others, and to architects, interior designers, contractors and individual consumers.