New Buddy in four colours
Autumn 2019

Our trio of Buddy lights are the best of friends. The group was formed by the table lamp and the wall light, who got acquainted with the new floor lamp introduced this Autumn. The floor lamp is designed with the same contemporary shapes and sleek proportions as the other two. A freestanding design, the Buddy floor lamp is easy to move when the furniture is rearranged. Yet, the floor lamp is just as happy to remain in place and allow its multi-directional shade to channel light where it’s needed. Together, the three lights bring everyday elegance to their surroundings, while creating a series of lights that coordinate in colour and style.

All three versions are available in dark green, warm beige, dark grey and off-white. Together, they create a palette that complements the interior with neutral tones or contrasts with other colours. The wall light and the floor lamp are designed with dimmer switches, making it easy to create a subdued ambience when darkness falls. At any time of day, the three lights radiate cool, casual style and introduce elements of laid-back luxury that make the surroundings more upbeat. These three lights are loaded with charisma, able to add personality and fun wherever they hang out.