Monolith Candle Holder
August 2022

“We have always been fascinated with quarries. How where the stone is taken out it leaves a landscape in slabs, and then how the stone slab itself is then transformed into an object of human creativity.”
– Morten & Jonas

It was Norwegian design duo Morten & Jonas’ fascination with quarries, and the imprint left on the landscape from extracting the stone, that inspired their new Monolith Candle Holder.

Following the same simple contours as the cut slabs of rock, this series of spectacular candle holders come in three sizes that all fit neatly together, as well as a wall mounted option.

Available in four material options; black matt steel, aluminium, Lilac white marble and Verde Prato marble, each Monolith Candle Holder also has a top hem to safely contain any molten wax.

Enjoy the Monolith Candle Holder singularly, or group them together, to create your very own monument honouring the beauty of the natural landscape.