Inspired by human characteristics, the designers gave this lamp a personality of its own. Big personalities are said to light up a room, while timid individuals typically shy away from the spotlight. This attractive, but unassuming, wall lamp has both of those characteristics, and many others too.  Just lower the shade and watch the wall light assume a different posture, almost as if blushing in the face of attention.

Blush is shaped by subtle contours and designed with discreet details. The black version blends seamlessly into the background, while the pink version creates an eye-catching feature. The soft, flexible arm moves effortlessly, making it easy to angle the shade and brighten a particular area. Alternatively, the shade can be lowered and light levels toned down to soften the mood. Whether chosen for its understated details or statement-making potential, Blush can change moods with the flip of a switch.