Top tips for how to use
a sculpture lamp in our homes

Don’t be afraid to show your personality when it comes to lighting, have fun.’

It has been twenty years since Swedish designer and artist, Johanna Forsberg first discovered her passion for shaping striking sculptures out of steel mesh with her bare hands. In 2018 the gleaming Heat lamp was launched together with Northern and was immediately a success.

Johanna thinks the Heat lamp works best wherever people gather, and in these socially isolating times, lighting design can play a huge part in supporting human connections, whether that’s around a dining table, kitchen island or hotel lobby. Just like sunlight, moonlight and firelight, Heat spreads warm diffused light which naturally soothes our minds, lifts our spirits, and helps us to feel safe in our surroundings.

Here is her best tips for how to use a sculpture lamp such as Heat in our homes.

‘Wherever you choose to place Heat take full advantage of its statement-making potential.’

What are your top tips for using a lamp such as this in our homes?

  1. Firstly, I would say don’t be afraid to show your personality when it comes to lighting. Have fun. Also, play with scale. With Heat being made from mesh, and almost translucent, it looks much lighter and smaller than other pendants of the same size.
  2. Heat also looks just as good off as it does on, and fits well into most environments. The brass and steel catch the eye, and bounce the light around a space, so wherever you choose to place Heat, take full advantage of its statement-making potential.
  3. When hanging a pendant, you will need to experiment to find the optimal height. So, do as I do when I shape a sculpture; step away from it and see it from a distance. If it is placed over a dining table or in a classic living room or TV room, sit down and check it does not interfere with the view to determine the best position.

‘Pieces such as Heat, bridge the gap between art and design.’