Heat steel pendant lamp


Design by
Johanna Forsberg


from SEK 9990

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With its subtle sheen and sculptural surface, the Heat pendant lamp blurs the boundaries between art and design. Made exclusively from stainless steel mesh, the shade has a silvery appearance that seems to shimmer as light shines through. The pendant lamp changes in appearance as the light source within it begins to glow. When the power is off, the shade’s semi-transparent shape resembles a silvery cloud hovering above the room.

Available in two sizes, the small version can be installed individually, or combined to form a group that mimics a cluster of clouds. The standard size reveals Heat’s statement-making potential, drawing attention to the ceiling as it spreads diffuse light throughout the room.

Heat is also available in brass versions.

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Pendant lamp
Shade material: Stainless steel metal mesh
Shade colour: Steel

Body material and colour: Steel
Wire: Black rubber, 370 cm
Bulb: E27, Max. 100 W

Voltage: 220V - 240V ~ 50/60Hz
Net weight: 1.0 kg (small), 2.1 kg (large), 4.2 kg (XL)

For direct connection to electrical system, a certified electrician is required.

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