Brim vase


Design by
Ann Kristin Einarsen


EUR 219.6 from EUR 159

Throughout 2019 Norwegian designer Ann Kristin Einarsen tasked herself with making, glazing, and firing a new ceramic vase every day, sharing the results via her Instagram page.

From this final collection of #365vases, Northern exclusively shares the soft, light coloured earthenware clay and organic shaped Brim Vase.

Available in two sizes, Brim is made by skilled craftspeople in Italy. While any abnormalities are usually cut away after the casting and drying process, here they are celebrated, with the inside and brim of the vase glazed, highlighting each one’s individual beauty and unique personality.

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Product type: Vase
Material: Earthenware clay (ceramics), glazed top and inside, coated outside
Colour: Beige

Net weight (H18): 0.8 kg
Net weight (H28): 2.0 kg

Dimensions (H18): D: 14 cm, H: 18 cm
Dimensions (H28): D: 22 cm, H: 28 cm

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