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Balancer is a showstopper in both function and form. Expertly crafted in black, powder-coated steel, this floor lamp offers a stunning combination of light, geometry and style. Formed by clean, architectural lines and classic geometrical shapes, Balancer is uniquely interactive.

Crafted in the shape of a cylinder, a heavy base anchors the structure firmly to the floor, while the movement of the shade poses a counterweight to the frame. At the turn of a swivel key, the shade levers upwards to cast light over the surroundings, or pivots downwards to direct it towards the floor.

Balancer’s brightness is both diffuse and direct, creating a careful balance of atmosphere and ambient light.

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Floor lamp
Base, body and shade colour: Black matt
Base, body and shade material: Steel

Light diffuser material: Glass
Wire: Black, 200 cm
Dimmer switch: Black

Bulb: E27 Max. 60 W
220V - 240V ~ 50Hz
Net weight: 16 kg

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