Pal stool

Pal_all-colours_stack_close-Northern-Photo_Chris_Tonnesen_Low-resPal_black_mesh_stack_top-Northern-Photo_Chris_Tonnesen_Low-resPal_smoked_mesh_top - Northern_Photo_Chris_Tonnesen - Low resPal_stack - Northern_Photo_Chris_Tonnesen - Low resPal_stack_closeup - Northern_Photo_Chris_Tonnesen - Low resCamp_Pal_Gear_kitchen - NorthernPal_all-colours_stacked-Northern-Photo_Chris_Tonnesen_Low-resNorthern_Pal_black_mesh_seatNorthern_Pal_blackPal_light_oiled_oakPal_light_oiled_oak_mesh_seatPal_smoked_oakPal_smoked_oak_mesh_seat

Design by
Sami Kallio


from SEK 4390

Estimated delivery time: 1 week

This three-legged stool is crafted in oak and fitted with a choice of seats. The wicker seat is woven from natural reed fibres and integrated into the frame to sit level with the surface. The solid oak version has a smooth disc in the frame that forms a solid seat. Both versions are available in light oiled oak, smoked oak finish and in a black-painted finish, providing a choice of blond wood or dark wood.

Part of the stool’s character is formed by the relationship between natural materials and craft techniques, which make each stool one-of-a-kind. The legs rise to the full height of the seat, creating a simple, yet striking, profile as they sit alongside the frame rather than underneath it. Lightweight, stackable and easy to store, Pal is always available when additional seating is required

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Stackable stool series
Material legs: Solid oak

Material wood seat: Laminated oak veneer
Material mesh seat: Cane mesh

Colours: Light oiled oak, smoked oak finish or black painted oak
Dimensions: Ø: 37 cm H: 46 cm
Net weight: 2.5 kg

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