A Symbiosis of
Nature and Architecture

In the tranquil outskirts of Oslo, beautifully located on Nesodden, Ekberg Lous Architects has woven a modern and functional house into the hilly landscape.

A new family home, born from the desire to build a unique house reflecting the owners’ values, lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. The house represents a perfect fusion of design, nature and the raw beauty of the Norwegian urban landscape.


Vision and determination

The visionaries behind the house, Nina and Jørgen, and their quest for a rural retreat led them to a wooded haven. A toned down and friendly domicile rooted in traditional Scandinavian design, a merge of coziness and Japanese minimalism, became the perfect space for living.

The couple engaged Ekberg Lous Architects to bring their vision to life. A rollercoaster of challenges in the building process didn’t stop the determination to carry out the original plan. A problem-solving mindset with strategic decisions, hands-on approach, and a touch of virtual reality (VR) aided them through the labyrinth of issues in the process.

Explorative process

Nina and Jørgen’s journey in creating their own home from scratch pulled them deeply into the design process by sketching interiors, crafting furniture, and envisioning the final result. VR technology, 3D renders, and scaled models allowed them to explore their future home virtually and physically and to make decisions with confidence.

The result? An exciting house that captivates with unexpected angles, varying levels, airy spaces combined with a feeling of living inside the nature. The V-shaped structure, observed from above, blends naturally with the landscape. Inside, deliberate material choices and carefully picked design objects guide inhabitants through a carefully curated aesthetic journey.

Aesthetic Harmony Inside and Out

The welcoming interior speaks a language of its own. Active spaces like the kitchen and hallway flaunt sleek and cool concrete floors, while relaxation zones boast of warm oak. From the dining zone, the connection to the outdoors is evident, with a large window framing the view.

Digging into details, the exterior facade, extending seamlessly to the roof, mirrors the surrounding landscape. The choice of materials not only serves an aesthetic purpose but also aligns with the thought of the roof becoming a natural extension of the wall cladding.

Architectural Choreography

The architects designed a single-family home, embracing the challenges posed by the terrain. The architectural narrative unfolds as a spiral, ascending the hillside connected to the surrounding panorama. Two wings snake around the eastern slope, each strategically embracing the site’s unique qualities. One wing, housing bedrooms, gazes into a serene creek valley, while the other, with the kitchen and living spaces, harmonizes with the hillside and opens up to spectacular views.

The architectural qualities not only respect the topography and existing vegetation but also ensures the structure remains unobtrusive. The result is a harmonious blend, a well implemented residence that lives in balance with its surroundings.

A place to live

As the last strokes of the construction brush are applied, Nina and Jørgen finally find themselves surrounded by the tangible realization of their future home.