Peek large mirrors
Spring 2019

A single glance at this series of mirrors is enough to see that they add eye-catching details to their surroundings. The Peek series was launched last year with two smaller, relatively compact, designs. This season, the two original versions have been complemented by larger sizes that reflect more of the surroundings. There are now four versions of Peek to choose from: a round mirror available in two sizes and an oval mirror made in two sizes. The oval version has been lengthened to create a full-length mirror, perfect for bedrooms or hallways. The round version has been supersized to create a large wall mirror, reflecting light over the surroundings as it adds a focal point to the interior.

As the mirrors catch the light, they soften reflections and diffuse ambient light. All versions are made with matt black frames that form bold outlines around the glass. The glass does not fill the frame entirely, forming an open space that creates a compelling design detail. The wall fixtures are multidirectional, making it possible to hang the mirrors in vertical and lateral directions. Peek reflects the need for cool wall mirrors that do more than just decorate a room.