Unveiling the Fab Vase: Where Artistry Meets Innovation

At Northern, our passion for design transcends the conventional, seeking to explore the intersection of artistry and practicality.

This year, we are proud to introduce the Fab vase, a creation that embodies our ethos and was the winning entry of the Northern Design Award 2022, designed by Finnish designer Anne Hirvonen.

Anne Hirvonen’s journey with the Fab Vase began with her deep-seated respect for the glassblowing craft. Drawing from the serene landscapes of Scandinavia and the intricate beauty of natural forms, Hirvonen envisioned a vase that would stand as a testament to both the timeless allure of glass as a medium and the potential for innovation within its traditional boundaries.

The Fab Vase’s journey from concept to reality was a collaborative dance of ideas and experimentation. Hirvonen and Northern’s product development team embarked on a creative adventure, exploring various sizes, colors, and patterns. The process was rapid yet thoughtful, ensuring the essence of the original design was preserved while imbuing it with functionality that would resonate in contemporary spaces.

What sets the Fab Vase apart are its compelling design elements. The vase’s silhouette is a bold interplay of geometric and organic forms, creating a striking visual presence. The removable stainless-steel disc is not only an ingenious support for individual stems but also introduces an interactive aspect to the vase, inviting users to engage with their floral artistry.

The Fab Vase challenges and redefines the archetype of a traditional vase. Its round, voluminous body, offset by precise geometric lines, presents a modern twist on the classic. The inclusion of the metal plate opens a realm of possibilities for display, from lush, abundant arrangements to minimalist statements.

For Hirvonen, the vase is a reflection of her evolving design philosophy. Her current explorations in glass represent a journey towards mastery and simplicity, where the focus is as much on the sustainability and recyclability of the materials as on the aesthetic and functional aspects of the final product.

Northern Design Award – A Platform for Innovation

The Northern Design Awards serve as a launchpad for emerging designers to bring their visions to the forefront. By winning this award, Hirvonen has not only gained recognition but has also affirmed that her design sensibility resonates with the contemporary design narrative.

Join us in celebrating the craftsmanship and creativity that the Fab Vase represents. It’s more than just a receptacle for blooms; it’s a canvas that invites personal expression and a reflection of Northern’s dedication to innovative, impactful design.

Discover the Fab Vase and let it transform everyday floral displays into captivating works of art.