Terms and conditions – Northern webshop

We currently ship to Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

General conditions

We always strive to provide you with the correct products, prices, deliveries and lead time in our webshop. Northern does however reserve the right in regard to typographical errors, shortage of information, product- and production changes, as well as periodical price changes in our online shop. Please be aware that even though products show as available, items may be out of stock. Information on our official sites and in our shop can also contain technical and/or typographical errors.

The content on our official pages can at any point be changes, without notice. The material can without intention contain references to products, services or alike, that are not available in your area, or is not offered at the time. If any errors in information should occur, Northern reserves the right to correct the issue as soon as we have been made aware.



When your order has been received in our online shop, an order confirmation will be sent to your email automatically. Please check your order confirmation directly after ordering to ensure that it is in accordance with your purchase and that your personal information is correct. Should you find any information to be incorrect, please contact our customer service at [email protected].

Northern reserves the right to cancel your order, or parts or it, if a product has been discontinued or is temporarily unavailable. This can occur in cases where stock status is misleading or wrong, challenges in production or logistic delays have happened after your order has been placed, making it unfeasible to deliver as agreed.

If changes happen with your order, we will contact you as soon as the problem has been identified. You will be informed of the change, and possible solutions.

Price and payment

All prices are given in your local currency, including VAT. Custom costs (including delivery/freight cost) will be shown in checkout and must be confirmed by you before the purchase is completed. We do not have any payment card fees, besides standard regulations your bank may have.

You can choose, if you wish, to pay by card or invoice. Payment by card will be processed by Klarna, which is a secure electronic payment partner for Visa and Mastercard.

In partnership with Klarna we offer a possibility for payment with invoice, and part payment. With invoice payment/part payment you pay for the goods after they have been delivered to you. The invoice will be sent by email and Klarna AS has the legal ownership of your invoice. Be aware that the invoice is received by email, therefore it is crucial that the given email is correct. You can also find your invoice by logging into klarna.no. When choosing invoice with full or partial payment, Klarna will perform a credit check on your persona.



Northern deliver only to customers with residential addresses in Sweden, Denmark and Norway (Svalbard excluded). Delivery will be to your closest pickup point, or to your home address. Estimated lead time is provided on your order confirmation.

Normal lead time is 5-7 business days, presuming the item is in stock at the time of ordering. In case of any significant changes in your delivery, we will contact you. Northern have the risk for damaged/lost goods until received by you.

Goods are delivered when you, or a delegated receiver above 18 years old, receives and signs for delivery at pickup point, or at the doorstep in cases with home delivery.


Package by mail

Packages sent by mail are delivered to your closest pickup point. An SMS is sent to your phone number once the order is ready for pickup. If you do not pick up the order, and do not respond to the notice of pick up or delivery, this does not give us any indication as to why the package was not picked up. If you do not pick up the item you purchased, you will be unable to cancel the purchase. If your package is returned unclaimed, you will be charged 250 kr. in addition to the freight charge.


Home delivery

Northern offers the possibility for home delivery. In addition, some items must be delivered to your home due to size and/or weight. This will be informed at checkout and payment for the relevant goods.

Please be aware that some addresses may have physical restrictions, or opening hours that the driver must consider. As this is information only you are aware of, this must be described when ordering as a part of the registration to ensure a successful delivery. A driver must be able to navigate to the address with a larger truck (drivable road, no items or obstacles in the way). The point of delivery must be cleared for delivery (free passage and floor protection must be provided by the customer if there is a risk of damage to the floor). Potential charges on a private road must be paid by the customer and can not delay the delivery. The buyer or a delegated person above 18 years of age must be at the given address at the time of delivery, have valid ID available and sign for the delivered goods.

Should you not be home at the arranged time of delivery, the transporter will try arranging a new time with you, and you will be invoiced for the delivery cost, both for the failed delivery and new delivery.

When you receive the goods, you are obliged to control any shortages or wrong products on the delivery before you sign the delivery note from our transporter. Please check that the shipment is complete and in accordance with order and is delivered without any visible damage. If any visible damage is found, it is important that this is documented on the freight document, as well as photographed, before you sign the note of delivery. If the delivery note is signed delivered without damage, it will not be possible to process a claim for visible damage later.


Shortage and damaged goods

Regarding claims, our online shop follows regulations given by the consumer law in our operating countries. Discovery of shortages, wrong products, or damage to the item must be reposted to Northern immediately after the fault is identified at [email protected]. This includes any sort of damage, both on packaging and the item within. In cases where the wrong colour or quantity is delivered, the same process applies.

In order to make the process as efficient as possible, it is important that you supply your full name, order reference, and receipt by email to [email protected]. You will receive a claims sheet that has to be filled out and returned by email to [email protected]. We ask for pictures and the most detailed description possible of the fault or damage, together with the batch number given on the product, or product box. Always remember to document shortage or damage and contain all packaging so the claim can be handled correctly. Customer Service evaluate shortages and damages once notice and filled out claims form has been received by email.

Have you discovered a transport damage on your home delivery, we need you to send a copy of the delivery note and a picture of the damage. This has to be sent to [email protected] within 2 days of receiving goods for further handling of the damage as well as a potential refund. 2 days after the delivery, the possibility for claims to the transporter is devoid, and we are therefore thankful if this deadline is held.

If you at time of arrival discover that the delivery is faulty, wrong item or colour, the transporter will return the item to the warehouse. Please contact Customer Service for new delivery.

Northern reserves the right to try and correct any damage if it should be possible, in suitable time before a potential return and new delivery time is executed. Returns of claims should be marked according to current rules and guidelines given by Northern. Northern covers freight costs for claims and damaged goods.

PLEASE NOTICE: No goods can be returned to Northern without a return label and confirmation from Customer Service. 


Regrets and handling of returns

You have the right to cancel your purchase. If you regret your purchase from our webshop, you have to within 14 days of receiving the goods, give notice of cancellation. The package should then be returned within 14 days of receiving them.

– Return form Norway
– Return form Sweden and Denmark

For the return to be valid, the product must be returned in the same state as received. The returned product must be clean and unused, and in the original packaging without visible signs of damage to the packaging and/or product. Please be careful with packing the item. Use the original packaging as well as the protective transport packaging.

If you use or inspect the item(s) in a way that goes beyond what is required to determine the type, ability and function of the product, and this action leads to the item depreciating in value, we are entitled to subtract an equivalent amount from the purchase price. The product packaging is also a factor in our ability to resell the product. If the packaging is damaged, such as if you stick the return label directly on the product packaging, or if the product packaging is missing when returned, we are entitled to subtract an equivalent amount from the purchase price.

When returning in item, or parts thereof, the customer is responsible for arranging and covering the cost of return. This also include potential insurance of the goods under transport. As customer it is your responsibility to ensure the item is returned in the same state you received it. Northern refunds the respective amount based on the returned amount of the sales price.

Details regarding cancellation of purchases are described in the Cancellation Form. The Cancellation Act is only valid for private purchases. 


Personal data

Following the General Data Protection Regulation, we must obtain your approval for processing information about your person, such as name, address, email, etc. All information provided when you visit our online shop, or in any communication with us, will be handled confidentially and in accordance with the given laws and regulations.

Information you provide with your order will be used to fulfil our commitments to you.

When you order through our online shop, we also give you the possibility to subscribe to our newsletters and offers related to your fields of interest. This subscription is optional for anyone shopping in our online store, and is only an offered service by choice. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters and emails at any time.

Northern will not let a third party get access to your personal data for marketing unless you actively agree for your information to be used.

You are free to request access to your personal data stored in our systems, and in case they should be faulty, irrelevant or incomplete, you have the right to have them corrected or deleted.


Technical approval

Our lamps are produced and approved according to CE-marking and should only be used in countries where this is an approved technical standard.

Force Majeure

Northern is exempt from any kind of financial responsibility, or responsible for fulfilling our obligations under the agreement in cases of force majeure where Northern is unable to comply with the obligations on their part.

Are we in any way prevented from delivering, or picking up a return, or such a duty of delivery becomes unreasonably burdensome as a result of labour conflict, or any other circumstance when the parties cannot control it, such as fire, war, mobilization, or unforeseen military action, or incidents of similar scope, requisition, seizure, currency restrictions, riots, scarcity of means of transport, general commodity scarcity, restriction of supply of power, and deficiencies of delays of deliveries from subcontractors, or manufacturers, as a result of such circumstances referred to in this paragraph, we are exempt from all other liability than in complaint cases and credit it to the defective item’s associated purchase price.


This contract is governed by Norwegian jurisdiction and the Norwegian ordinary courts of law. Legal venue is Oslo.