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Design by
Rudi Wulff

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When winter ice forms on Norwegian lakes, fishermen drill round holes in the surface and drop their lines through. They clip a ‘pilk’ onto the fishing line, a lure designed especially for ice fishing. Pilk ice cubes are made in the same spirit, complete with perfect round holes for dropping straws through.

When plunged into a cold drink, the ice cubes float horizontally on the surface, holding the straw upright in the glass. Pilk decorates a drink without needing any embellishments, and cools liquids longer than small ice cubes do. Pilk adds good design to every drink – plus, it provides the perfect icebreaker for every party.

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Ice cube tray / mould
Material: Silicone (FDA food grade)

Colour: Black
Net weight: 0.15 kg

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