Daybe sofa bed

Daybe_sofa_armrest_Brusvik65_Northern_Photo_Einar_Aslaksen_Low-resDaybe-bed_Blush_Pal-Northern-Photo_Chris_Tonnesen_Low-resDaybe_sofa_armrest_back_detail_Brusvik65_NorthernDaybe_sofa_seam_detail_Brusvik65_Northern_Photo_Einar_Aslaksen_Low-resDaybe_sofa_Moss11_Detail_landscape_NorthernAcorn_black_with_Daybe_Stilk_Yam - Northern_photo_Chris_Tonnesen - Low resDaybe_grey_bed_top-view - NorthernDaybe_bed_closeup_with_Stilk - Northern_Photo_Chris_ Tonnesen - Low resDaybe_sofa_detail_Reflect104_Northern_Photo_Einar_Aslaksen_Low-resNorthern textile Brusvik_02 - Warm light greyNorthern textile Brusvik_08 - Dark greyNorthern textile Brusvik_65 - Light brownNorthern textile Brusvik_94 - Grey-blue

Design by
Morten & Jonas


from NOK 31990

Estimated delivery time: 8 weeks

Estimated delivery time: 8 weeks

Daybe belongs to a new generation of daybeds designed to balance function and practicality with well-being and style. Although the sofa appears to form a fixed shape, the backrest detaches and slides onto the floor to create a comfortable bed. Unlike conventional sofa beds constructed from coils, springs and levers, Daybe converts into a bed in one smooth motion.

Daybe’s seat and backrest are underpinned by a lightweight metal frame available with or without armrests. The optional armrests are crafted from strips of smooth black metal that extend behind the sofa to form a streamlined backrest.

The armrests and backrest maximise Daybe’s comfort without affecting the ease with which it transforms into a bed and back again. Available in a variety of fabrics, the sofa provides relaxation during daytime and encourages deep sleep and sweet dreams at night.

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Product type: Sofa (bed) series
Material legs: Steel
Colour legs: Black (Ral 9005)
Material body: Plywood base, cold foam filling, textile cover

Price group 0: Cura (Gabriel)
Price group 1: Brusvik, Reflect (Kvadrat)
Price group 2: Remix 3, Atlas (Kvadrat)
Price group 3: Steelcut Trio 3, Fiord 2, Canvas 2 (Kvadrat)
Price group 4: Vidar, Moss (Kvadrat)
Other textiles available on request through our retailers

Dimensions: L: 200 cm D: 92/120 cm SD: 64 cm H: 68 cm SH: 39 cm
Net weight: 48 kg
Made to order

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