Ballet figurines

Design by
Vera & Kyte


NOK 290

Inspired by the graceful poise of a twirling ballerina, these figurines pay homage to the elegance of the ballet tradition. The three figures were inspired by the shapes of ballet costumes associated with the Avant-garde arts movement, which clothed the dancer’s body in geometric silhouettes.

The figurines are crafted in yellow, pink and black, colours chosen according to the costumes and set designs that characterised the Triadic ballet of the 1920s. Sized to stand on a table top or display surface, each of the figurines can spin on its base to represent the swirling movements of a dancer. Whether regarded as contemporary ornaments or cultural artefacts, these spinning figurines will invite everyone to give them a whirl.

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Table top spinner / Figurines
Materials: Steel, plastic knob

Colours: Black, pink or yellow
Net weight: 0.16 kg

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