Row rugs
Spring 2020

Smooth rows of soft wool create tactile landscapes to be caressed by the eye as well as by the hand.

A bird’s-eye view of a rural landscape inspired this rug design. The surface is structured by rows of parallel lines that represent the deep furrows of a ploughed field. Simple changes in the orientations of the lines form contrasting patterns that express movement over time. They seem to suggest that the boundaries between the fields shift from harvest to harvest, creating a living landscape. However you see it, the contrast between the textured rows of soft wool pile and the sharp lines dividing them creates a soft and tactile surface.

Row is available in a choice of neutral palettes: light grey, brown and green. At first, the rugs may appear to be monochrome, but a closer look reveals the variety of tones in the individual threads that make up the overall colour. The rugs are individually hand-loomed and made from New Zealand wool. Craftsmen carve the fibres by hand to form the long, even rows that create the rugs’ contrasting lines. Minimal and unmistakably contemporary, each design is available in round and rectangular shapes.

Designed by Studio Terhedebrügge