Spring 2018

This three-legged stool is an efficient, space-saving design available in four versions. All versions are made with an oak frame, with one model designed with a wicker seat woven from natural reed fibres. Another model is crafted with an oak disc in the frame that forms a solid seat. Both versions are available in oiled oak or smoked oak, providing a choice of blond wood or dark wood.

The designer has significant expertise in traditional woodworking techniques, which he combines with contemporary sensibilities. Part of the stool’s character is formed by the relationship between natural materials and craft techniques, intended to make each stool one-of-a-kind. The legs rise to the full height of the seat, sitting alongside the frame rather than underneath it. They add a border of rounded shapes to the stool, creating a simple, yet striking, profile. Lightweight, stackable and easy to store, Pal is an essential part of any environment that needs additional seating.