Nest in white
Winter 2018

During winter the dark becomes greedy taking over both morning and night, leaving us with only a few hours of decent daylight. But as the temperature drops the snow starts falling, covering ground, trees and city rooftops in a white blanket. The white surfaces have an illuminating effect, creating a sense of brightness in an otherwise dark sphere. This is why we think elements of white should be brought into winter dark homes as well. As a contribution, we’ve dressed our Nest coat hanger in ice cold white, to brighten a dim hallway or tidy up a messy corner.

The holder is sized to contain urban essentials such as keys, change, tokens and cards, providing a hideaway where pockets can be emptied of small items that need to be quickly retrieved. The hook is sized for hanging coats, scarves and decorative objects. Available in five colours, Nest is easy to match to interior walls, columns and other internal dividers. Like a nest in nature, the product blends into its surroundings, all the while providing a handy place to keep essential items.