Ink lamp
Spring 2019

Like a drop of jet-black ink falling onto a crisp white page, the bold silhouette of the Ink wall lamp creates strong contrasts. The adjustable shade has been configured into a smooth, concave disc that reflects light directly onto the wall. As the light spreads beyond the shade’s rim, a subtle halo effect is created, resulting in a shimmering glow seldom seen in artificial lighting. The matt black surfaces of the shade and stem contrast sharply with the soft white light emanating from inside the shade.

Although Ink reveals the power that intense black can have, the design itself was inspired by the beauty of nature. Fascinated by the subtle illumination cast by the moon’s reflection in the night sky, the designer set out to create a similar mood in the interior. As a result, Ink’s dark surfaces diffuse the light emanating from its LED light source to create a lustrous glow in the interior.