Hifive long and slim versions
Spring 2019

The Hifive modular system is comprised of streamlined components: an open display, a cabinet unit with a scrolling door, an optional metal base and a variety of wooden tops that create a single surface across multiple units. All units are designed with versatility in mind, enabling the end-user to choose how they should be configured and combined. Hifive is available in three finishes: light-coloured oiled oak veneer, smoked oak veneer and a new dark black paint finish with a soft sheen.

This season, the existing system has been updated with longer versions and complemented by the addition of a new slim wall cabinet. Two new wooden tops made in lengths of 150 cm and two metres make it possible to combine even more units. A set of longer legs is available, elevating the units to table height. The new slim wall cabinet is available in two sizes. The 75 cm version consists of one unit with a scrolling wooden door that combines with one single display unit. The 100 cm version includes one scrolling door cabinet and two display units, hence its longer length. Designed with versatility in mind, the units can be configured and combined to suit any space.