Granny Candle Holder XL
August 2022

“Creating a home is extremely personal and the objects we surround ourselves with should not only be beautiful but inspire us on every level.”
– Rudi Wulff

From an intimate dinner with loved ones, a cosy night in with a good book, through to providing a warm welcome as guests arrive, the Granny Candle Holder always adds a touch of glamour and sophistication whatever the setting.

Designed by Oslo-based Rudi Wulff, these two taller additions to our much-loved home accessories series, combine contemporary style with old-fashioned elegance.

Made from solid brass, matt black or matt white steel, the new 32.5cm and 44cm high  Granny Candle Holders have been cleverly designed with a raised edge around their base to catch and contain any molten wax, while a delicate sliding brass knob on the side makes replacing spent candles super easy.