Glint Wall Lamp
January 2022

Enhance your home and your experiences

A well put together home is one that provides a sense of connection and intimacy; whether that’s with the natural world outside during daylight hours, or between its inhabitants once night-time falls.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Glint wall lamp from Swedish designer Felix Isidorsson, is based on these same underlying values and has been created to enhance this innate human experience.

Thanks to a subtle perforated patten within the circular metal shade itself, this wall mounted lamp provides just the right amount of light. Reflecting soft, glare-free shadows up and across the room, brightening your home while at the same time bringing a natural feeling of warmth.

Made from aluminium, brass, or powder coated black and white steel, Glint is 360mm in diameter and can be both mains supplied or plugged into the power source directly.