Diva in smoked oak
Autumn 2018

Designed to take centre stage, Diva is a statement-making light source that makes its presence felt. Diva’s distinctive, spiralling shade creates a sculptural shape that can be appreciated from several vantage points. Made from 32 strips of laminated plywood, the lamp showcases the sophisticated techniques required to craft such an expressive shape. The pendant lamp adds a striking feature to the interior while softly diffusing light over the room. Recently re-designed in a sleeker style, the floor lamp balances the shade on a shining metal disc that sits flush with the surface.

Now, after two decades of popularity, Diva is ready for a new look. The already existing walnut and light oak versions have now been accompanied by smoked oak, refreshing the design with a contemporary Scandinavian material. Flexible and strong, smoked oak is equally unique in its ability to create contouring shapes. The new version heightens the contrast with the light-coloured oak lining the lamp’s interior. As the darker and lighter wood tones appear to spiral together, the lamp’s sculptural character shines through.