Spring 2018

This efficient design was created to replace domestic step ladders with a set of sturdy steps. Made from sleek metal parts, the product is lightweight and portable, yet, self-supporting and safe to stand on. The practical, dual-purpose design means that it can be used as a side table or stool. Whereas step ladders are typically retrieved from storage when needed, Dais doesn’t need to be stored away when the task is finished. Dais is always within reach.

Like a stool, the product provides a low seat, but also creates a table surface and a shelf for practical use and display.  Supported by a circular base, it is the steel steps themselves that double as a step, shelf and seat. When extra height is needed, Dais can be moved into position and climbed with the ease of a staircase. Easy to move and practical to use, Dais is literally a step up from conventional ladders.