Dahl small
Autumn 2018

Dahl’s seamless curves and crisp, white surfaces may seem completely contemporary, but this classic design has a long and illustrious past. Dahl was originally created in 1956 and installed in the newly-renovated Norwegian Parliament building two years later. The light was reintroduced by Northern in 2016, following the relaunch of Birger Dahl’s classic Dokka and Birdy designs. For decades, Dahl’s smooth shape and soft contours have blended effortlessly into modern interiors andcreated a focal point that illuminates the room.

Today, we are bringing Dahl’s smaller sibling that was left behind in 2016 back into the light. The design is a scaled down version that fits perfectly into compact spaces. Although the new Dahl’s proportions are somewhat smaller, its potential to make impact isn’t shrinking. The new size makes it easier to install a series of lights overhead, or create a cluster of pendant lamps at eye level. The metal parts of both versions are now available in matt white, introducing a complement to the existing matt brass and black-coated steel finishes. Ready to shed light on a variety of surroundings, the new smaller size is making Dahl’s appeal even bigger.