Butterfly wall lamp
Spring 2020

With its new perforated shade, the classic Butterfly wall lamp softens the surroundings as it spreads a lustrous glow.

The Butterfly wall lamp was first designed in 1964 and relaunched by Northern four decades later. This season, we’re introducing a new version of this timeless design, complementing the original light with a wall light crafted in perforated metal. Like the original design, the new version retains the same proportions, preserving Butterfly’s overlapping panels and signature winged shape. The perforated metal diffuses the light across the surface to create a uniquely lustrous glow.

As we present the new version, we are also introducing a new colour. Both the new and original versions are now available in green, a colour that softens in tone as the light shines through. In addition to the new green colour, each version will be available in matt off-white, or with a brushed brass finish. With its elegant proportions and understated style, Butterfly’s new version enhances the interior with more than light alone.

Design by Sven I Dysthe