Blush Pendant Rail
January 2022

“Good lighting should always fulfil a purpose as well as connect the room it is in with the people who use it.”

Good lighting can transform a home. It brings character and comfort, adds atmosphere and emotion, and positively affects our overall energy and mental wellbeing.

Designed to take centre stage, but without hogging the limelight, the Blush Pendant Rail from Norwegian design duo Morten & Jonas does just that.

Now along with our striking pendants and dimmable wall lamps, the new Blush Pendant Rail, enables you to add a pool of controllable light over a dining table and kitchen island or bring some much-needed warmth to a gloomy lobby or hallway from just one system.

Made from powder coated steel tube, the Blush Pendant Rail is integrated with a set of either three or five small opal acrylic diffusers which are all connected together. Available in matt white, matt black, and warm beige, the quality of the light they produce will inspire and improve everyday tasks and activities.