Birdy Table Lamp Anniversary
September 2022

“We wanted to mark this very special anniversary year with a fitting tribute to an iconic Norwegian design that has been with us for so long. The renewed edition of the classic Birdy Table Lamp, with its contemporary metallic look and soft lustre finish, will only get more beautiful with time.”

Ove Rogne, Founder and CEO of Northern

Northern launches anniversary edition of Birger Dahl’s classic design.

Expressive, elegant, and timeless; the Birdy Table Lamp was designed by Birger Dahl in 1952, and this autumn Northern celebrates its 70th anniversary in style with a limited-edition piece.

Just five hundred Birdy Table Lamps will be crafted from brushed aluminium and steel, with each one featuring a small sticker under its base, so collectors everywhere can see which exclusive item number they own.

Originally produced and sold by the Norwegian electricity company Sønnico, the Birdy Table Lamp, then known as the ‘s-30016,’ was awarded the prestigious Golden Medal at the Milan Triennale.

Thanks to its highly functional features, simple shapes and striking silhouette, this character-filled light is as appealing today as ever before.

As one of Norway’s most prominent post-war architects and designers, Birger Dahl is internationally recognised for his outstanding contribution to contemporary Nordic design, and since 2013 Northern have been working in close consultation with his family to preserve his legacy for generations to come.

The Birdy Table Lamp, Anniversary Edition is available to purchase from October 2022.