Balancer wall lamp
Spring 2020


The new Balancer wall lamp spotlights surfaces or diffuses the light, brightening the interior with a uniquely adjustable light source.

The Balancer floor lamp revealed its potential for a new version, inspiring the designers to create a new wall light. Noted for its clean architectural lines and classic geometrical shapes, Balancer’s adjustable design makes it uniquely interactive. The new version lifts the moveable arm out of the base and anchors it firmly to the wall, resulting in a versatile wall light that arcs in several directions to cast light where needed.

The new version is designed with a black, powder-coated steel arm that supports an adjustable glass shade, providing a compelling combination of flexibility and style. The arm is constructed from three interlocking components, offering three different lengths to choose from. Once mounted on the wall, the arm pivots upwards and downwards to adjust the angle of the shade, while also extending horizontally, both left and right. The shade can be rotated to diffuse light over the ceiling or wall, or angled to direct the beam over desks, dining tables and work surfaces.

Design by Yuue