Acorn in black
Autumn 2018

As the bright and sunny days of summer begin to fade, Acorn reveals its dark side for the Autumn. A new version in matt black is ready to brighten the winter gloom.

A new colour joins the Acorn pendant lamp series as matt black is introduced to the range. Already available in off-white and grey, the new matt black version highlights Acorn’s distinctive profile as it creates a stronger contrast. The designer, Atle Tveit, chose a shade of matt black that resonates with sophistication and style, while providing a bold focal point for interiors decorated with lighter colours. Matt black Acorn is unusually neutral, making it easy to integrate the lamp into a wide range of settings. Acorn belongs to a growing category of natureinspired designs that celebrate the beauty of natural forms. As the name suggests, the shade recalls the hollow shell of an acorn formed after the ripened nut has fallen free. As Acorn’s new matt black version gives the surface new character, its soft contours and subtle curves continue to retain its distinctive organic shape.