A range of candle holders

The new collection Unplugged by Northern Lighting is a range of candle holders made by an exciting team of fresh, young and inspiring designers.

Today the collection consist of six mood making designs: The playful Brick by Domaas/Høgh, a series of three candle holders, made in different sizes and varying colours. Flame, a set of curving shapes in metallic rose and gold by Gridy. Vibeke Skar & Ida Noemi has designed Fyr, a mouth blown glass lantern in the colours burnt orange and smoked grey. Iris is a combined candle and tea light holder in cast iron by Studio Dreimann. Rudi Wulff has designed two beautiful candle holders for the Unplugged collection, Oblique, a colourful, soft silicon tea light holder and Granny, a nostalgic classic candle holder in black and white.

From stylish small tea light holders to large, multifunctional designs, the Unplugged series present a range of indoor and outdoor styles, colours and shapes. Each design is a combination of tradition and innovation, unplugged lighting from the powder grid to spark a new appreciation of living light.

Our latest design is Drift by Nestor Campos, available in Autumn 2016.