Northern highlights

The ‘to be continued’
begins now

January 10, Oslo. About a year ago, we held our breath as we made room for two new categories; furniture and accessories. It was a moment characterized by mixed emotions. When you’ve held something close to your chest for so long, it can be hard to let go for several reasons. Did we make the right decisions? How will it be received by you ­– the audience? We were lucky, and couldn’t have asked for a better start. We are so proud of our Northern team, and thankful for everyone who has been involved.

Today, it feels like we’re about to release the anticipated follow-up of a best-selling book – the pressure is on. With the updated collection, we wanted to shape and produce what we thought were missing pieces to our lifestyle puzzle. Some are extended versions of things you might recognize, but we made sure to add a few surprises in there as well. Now we can only hope for our improved collection to be a best-seller and that this year, like the one who just went by, will be one for the books.

Enjoy our highligths for spring/summer 2019!



Oblong sofa by Mario Tsai / Daybe lounge by Morten & Jonas / Oaki dining chair by Stine Aas / Hifive modular storage system by Rudi Wulff


Blush pendant lamp by Morten & Jonas / Ink wall lamp by Felix Isidorsson / Reveal pendant lamp by Silje Nesdal / Ombre table lamp by Antoine Rouzeau



Grab watering can by Stine Aas / Peek wall mirror by Elina Ulvio / Trace flashlight by Gridy / Oasis flower pot by Ann Kristin Einarsen