The Butterfly Release

A new edition of Sven I. Dysthe´s Butterfly is now released for you to catch.

Summer is definitely over. Bees are retracting to their honey stacked hives as the leaves are slowly withering, colouring chilly air with warm tones. While some butterflies hibernate or simply disappear, others surprisingly stay – and even renew themselves.

This fall, Butterfly has grown another set of wings. While already existing in a white coloured steel, the wall lamp has now been given a brushed brass finish. The matt yet gleaming surface creates a shimmering effect, adding a touch of elegance to its surroundings.

Since created by Dysthe back in 1964, Butterfly has become a lighting icon. The three overlapping curves draws distinct lines to its namesake – but luckily, this one won´t flutter away. Give it a place to rest, and Butterfly´s wings will spread warm light on gloomy autumn nights.