The Art of Giving

The little extra touch for

Finding the perfect gifts with the little extra touch for Christmas, is not always easy. So, we gathered a few products that can help you. Let our Christmas gift guide inspire you with some ideas of what to get your loved ones.

For the Adventurer

A flashlight can be a lifesaver when darkness falls, or when a power failure cuts out the lights. Sometimes a flashlight is needed for probing dark corners, shining a bright beam into places that never see the light of day. Trace is essential for those who have a sense of adventure, ready to scout out dark spaces on their own, or take a midnight stroll to discover what the night will bring.

Wherever you go, Trace is ready to follow, providing a portable, rechargeable powerbank, light source for indoor and outdoor use.

For the Hoarder

The Nest holder is sized to contain urban essentials such as keys, change, tokens and cards, providing a hideaway where pockets can be emptied of small items that need to be quickly retrieved. The hook is sized for hanging coats, scarves and decorative objects.

Buddy table lamp is ‘the little helper everyone needs’. This unassuming table lamp is exactly that, a multi-functional design that gives busy individuals a base to come back to. Equipped with a holder to contain pens, pencils, keys or loose change, Buddy lends a hand when you need help keeping track of essentials.

For the Plant Killer

Oasis self-watering pot allows you to forget about your green friends for a while, before the water tank has to be refilled. Fortunately, the Grab watering can has a spout that fits perfectly in the opening on the side of the flowerpot, so you can easily fill the water storage when needed.

For the Tidy Friend

We all know the one person who sweeps all year round and likes to have their household object available.
The indoor brooms Cane and outdoor broom Mim,  do not need to be hidden away in inaccessible cupboards or in a cluttered storage room, as they both have a stylish apperenace that can stand out and contribute to the interior.