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A few members of our Northern team have picked out their favourite things to do, see, eat and drink. This is our Oslo.

Seeking value in what’s within reach is a good way to save energy, so we’re taking another look at our hometown. This is where we get the ideas and inspiration that are reflected in Northern and the things we create. With lush forests just minutes away from the city centre, world-class architecture, hip and undiscovered districts and restaurants serving Nordic and international cuisine, there’s something for everyone in this forward-looking city. A few members of our Northern team have picked out their favourite things to do, see, eat and drink. This is our Oslo.

Wake up well-rested at Amerikalinjen

Where: Amerikalinjen
Address: Jernbanetorget 2, 0154 Oslo
Instagram account: @amerikalinjen

Recommended by: Magne Westberg
Title: Nordic Sales Manager
Instagram account:@magnewestberg

Second home
Travelling over 120 days a year, it isn’t hard to understand why Magne has preferences when choosing where to stay. “Hotels have become my second home. I like to recognise the staff when I arrive, as it gives me a more personal experience. That’s why I consistently stay at the same place when visiting a city. To feel more at home.”

Personal and friendly
He’s stingy on the stars, and the few hotels that receive all five are places that don’t hesitate to go the extra mile. Amerikalinjen always gives me a warm welcome. Their staff have a truly friendly and personal approach.” Keywords such as “healthy food” and “a good gym” are also high on the list. “A touch of luxury never hurts. If I can take a bath after an intensive workout and wake up to the chef making me my own omelette, I’m a happy camper.” This may be a slight exaggeration, but you get the picture. “Amerikalinjen scores high on all of my requirements. And with its central location, I think it’s safe to say that this is the place to stay when visiting Oslo.”

See the architectural contrasts at Kampen

Where: Kampen district
Address: Kampen, 0655 Oslo
Google Map: Kampen, Oslo

Recommended by: Jomi Evers
Title: Product Developer
Instagram account: @jomievers

Oslo – scaffolding and busy elevator cranes
Between the scaffolding and the busy elevator cranes, Oslo’s face is constantly changing. But despite the city having become a capital of contemporary architecture, Oslo-born Jomi wants to show you a different part of the city. “If you want to experience the authentic Oslo and get an insight into the city’s soul, you should explore the different districts. Their history, cosmopolitan nature and contrasting architectural qualities make them all worth a visit.”

Wooden houses
Kampen is a centrally located area where the architecture still consists predominantly of wooden houses from the 18th century. “It’s an area whose great cultural and historical value has been preserved, which is unique for a big city in the European context. Areas like this are small oases of charm, and in many ways, it’s a tiny village of its own.” Take a Sunday stroll and explore Norwegian domestic animals at the local organic farm. Walk to the top of Kampen Park to get a view over the city. Sit down on the church steps with a coffee in hand while you observe the locals and enjoy their leisurely pace.

Take a break at KUMI

Where: KUMI
Address: Schweigaards gate 56A, 0656 Oslo
Instagram account: @kumi_oslo 

Recommended by: Stine Birkeland
Title: PR & Marketing Manager 
Instagram account: @stinebirkeland

Breakfast or brunch
Oslo is an unexpected haven for coffee, wine and food lovers. But the menu isn’t Stine’s only reason for visiting a new eatery. “I came across this place one day and I immediately fell in love. Not only do they offer organic and plant-based food, but the calm, beautiful interior fits their concept perfectly. With its accents of light wood, beige tones and green plants, it’s a perfect fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese design.”

Design by 
One of KUMI’s owners also works as an interior architect. She designed the place herself and created the soothing atmosphere that Stine appreciates so much. “Here in these beautiful surroundings I can relax with a nice, healthy lunch or just sit down with a freshly brewed coffee – or a mimosa, if the situation allows it.” What makes this visit even more worthwhile is that the place is super Instagram-friendly, which Stine absolutely loves. You’ll find KUMI in the Old Town.

Wind down with natural wine at Lasarett

Where: Lasarett
Address: Torshovgata 15, 0476 Oslo
Instagram account: @lasarettvinbar

Recommended by: Mari Elvine Svebak Nordmarken
Title: Content Manager
Instagram account: @marielvine

Lovers of natural wine
The eager new interest in organic, natural and unfiltered wine has led to the birth of several wine-oriented bars in Oslo. The newly opened Lasarett, with its welcoming, casual and down-to-earth vibe, is a must for lovers of natural wine. “I think the venue itself sums it all up. The surfaces are raw and the textures rough – much like a natural wine that is entirely free of unneeded additives.”

The fact that Mari doesn’t consider herself a wine expert so much as a wine appreciator makes Lasarett the perfect spot to explore new wines. “Information about their carefully selected wine collection is more or less thrown at you the moment you step into the bar. The staff are friendly and the mood is easy and unpretentious. Try asking for something special and unexpected, but if you’re not into natural wines, no worries, just let them know. Maybe they’ll change your mind.”

Reduce food waste at Rest

Where: Rest
Address: Kirkegata 1-3, 0153 Oslo
Instagram account: @restrestaurant

Recommended by: Nadeen Amelie Breivik
Title: Sales Coordinator
Instagram account: @nadeenamelie

Dining scene in Oslo
The dining scene in Oslo has evolved rapidly over the past few years. One after the other, restaurants serving New Nordic cuisine keep popping
up – focusing on quality organic and local food. It’s not like Nadeen goes in for fine dining every night, but there’s one restaurant in particular she would like to share.

Rest – more then a break
In central Oslo, you’ll find Rest. It’s not your typical à la carte restaurant. Instead, you get a set menu with treasures that have captured the chef’s attention – ingredients that otherwise would not have reached a dinner plate or even a grocery store. You see, in Norwegian, the word “rest” isn’t just an abbreviation for restaurant or a reference to a nice break. It also means what is left. “Not only does it impress me how they turn food waste into fine dining, but they also raise awareness of the matter in a modern, sensible way. The flavours are wondrous. Every dish has its own story and is beautifully presented as a small piece of art. It’s a unique experience I wouldn’t want you to miss, so remember to book a table early as they have only one seating per night and limited capacity.”


This is where we get the ideas and inspiration that are reflected in Northern and the things we create.

Welcome to our city!