Unplugged by Northern Lighting

The slanting shape of the Oblique tea light holder gives it a strikingly asymmetrical profile. The holder is encircled by a retro diamond pattern that resembles cut glass from the 1950s, but the comparison stops there. Made from state-of-the-art, heat-resistant silicone, Oblique’s combination of advanced materials and graphic styling makes it completely contemporary. The surface is soft to the touch and moulds to the shape of the hand, giving it a uniquely tactile texture.

Available Autumn 2015 in the colours Dark grey, mint, light purple or steel blue.

Design: Rudi Wulff

Rudi O. Wulff is a Norwegian product designer based in Oslo. After receiving a masters degree from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, he established his own studio.

Wulff has explored some groundbreaking ideas through his work, creating new concepts for two-wheeled transportation, urban nomadism, flexible electronics and static display systems.  Wulff’s work is underpinned by principles of Scandinavian design, and his products are often characterised by functionality, clean lines and sleek surfaces. Wulff created the Maze pendant light for Northern Lighting in 2006, and his tactile Oblique tea light holder was designed for our new collection.