New collection
Spring/Summer 2020

“With 15 years of design in our past, we’re hoping to leave an impression that will continue to last”

Evolving trends and changing behaviours influence how we live and on what grounds we base our choices. Today, we’re witnessing what we see as a desire to get back to basics. A need to move away from the artificial and temporary, and towards the organic and lasting.

With 15 years of design experience in our past, we feel a responsibility to create everyday objects that have the potential to last – both in condition and in character. It’s our contribution towards a more sustainable way of thinking. With those words in mind, here’s our new collection. We’re hoping it can continue to make an impression for a long time, because that’s what the things we treasure have a tendency to do.

Mass table

The new Mass side table is the one to watch – its sculptural silhouette looks unique from every angle. Design by Roee Magdassi and available in brass, stainless steel and a black-painted finish.

Row rugs

Smooth rows of soft wool create tactile landscapes to be caressed by the eye as well as by the hand. The design duo Terhedebrügge has created a whole new series of rugs for the Northern collection. Row is available in a choice of neutral palettes: light grey, brown and green, all in a circular, a medium rectangular and a large rectangular shape.

Heat pendant

Johanna Forsberg‘s golden-toned Heat is joined by a silver-coloured version crafted from stainless steel mesh. The new version has a silvery appearance that seems to shimmer as light shines through its stainless steel threads. Both models are also available in a new, smaller size.

Oaki lounge chair

The original design is now complemented by a new lounge chair, adding comfort and luxury to the distinctive Oaki style. There are three versions to choose from: natural oiled oak, smoked oak, or with a black-painted finish. Each version is available with a selection of leather upholstery for the backrest and seat.
Design by Stine Aas.

Balancer wall lamp

The new Balancer wall lamp spotlights surfaces or diffuses the light, brightening the interior with a uniquely adjustable light source.
Design by Yuue


With its new perforated shade, the classic Butterfly wall light softens the surroundings as it spreads a lustrous glow. As we present the new version, we are also introducing a new colour. Both the new and original versions are now available in green.
Design by Sven I. Dysthe


Strike a match, light a candle and watch while Granny’s new brass version casts a shimmering glow.
Design by Rudi Wulff


The new version of Loud is made exclusively in black, giving the cabinet a luxurious finish and a subtle sheen.
Design by Färg & Blanche


As classic design Snowball rolls into its fifteenth year, we’re celebrating with new versions of the floor and table lamp in matt black and brass.
Design by Trond Svendgård

Oasis planter

The Oasis series completes its range with a new medium size, perfect for indoor settings, terraces and balconies.
Design by Ann Kristin Einarson