New brooms for indoor
and outdoor use

‘It’s time to rethink, and to reinvent.’

Northern is guided by instinct more than emerging trends, but sometimes they get our attention. We noticed that some of our customers were beginning to look for lo-tech alternatives to devices and gadgets. At the same time, some consumers were beginning to downsize, replacing equipment and electronics with simple tools and utensils. As the drive to get ‘back to basics’ began to take hold, we thought about the importance of the everyday household utensils hidden away in cupboards. Wouldn’t life be easier if we could keep them at hand and let them enhance everyday décor?

Northern’s new collection of brooms, dustpans and brushes does just that. We’re leaving them out for everyone to see, letting the brooms add beauty to the home while saving energy and storage space.

‘Get ready to be swept away
by this stylish broom set.’

With its eye-catching shape and elegant profile, Cane hardly resembles a functional household object. The design consists of a powder-coated steel dustpan and brush crafted with sturdy bristles. The handles of both parts rise to waist-height, providing an ergonomic feature that makes them easier to work with. Magnets hidden inside the top of each handle bring both parts together to create Cane’s characteristic curvaceous silhouette.

Design by Gridy

‘Brooms are coming out of the closet and making a beautiful addition to the décor.’

As urban dwellers look for simpler lifestyles, the humble broom is being rediscovered as an essential household tool. That’s why we’ve redesigned this classic object in a contemporary style, giving it a fresh update for modern interiors. The designers replaced rustic, handcrafted features with sleek geometric parts and sturdy bristles coloured in yellow or black. A nylon cord in the top of the shaft loops over the round aluminium peg provided with each product. As Mim adds a little everyday magic to outdoor spaces, the dirt just disappears.

Design by Vera & Kyte