New Brand, New Collection

OSLO, Norway. Today, as the doors of Stockholm Furniture Fair open, we finally announce the launch of the new Northern brand and our debut collection.

Last fall marked the starting point of our process of leaving Northern Lighting, bringing all new and existing products to be produced and distributed by the Northern brand in future. By eliminating the last part of our name, extending our portfolio to furniture and interior accessories became a possibility.

Nordic in Spirit,
Global in Style

A creative team of 16 designers from seven different countries were briefed to address the demand for understated luxury and the consumer need for multifunctional designs – with a Nordic approach in mind. The result is a collection featuring designs that energise and inspire, uplift the ambience and make the surroundings more upbeat.

The new Northern brand is characterised by a bold interpretation of classic forms and a determination to innovate with natural materials. With multipurpose designs that add flexibility and creativity to any type of environment, and statement-making pieces to leave a lasting impact, we believe Nordic design just got cooler.